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Spinning Tubes

  • Dye Tubes
  • Dye Tubes
  • Dye Tubes
  • Dye Tubes

Features :

  • Development to the machine manufacturers' specifications and to the requirement of application.
  • Within DIN ISO 368 Standards.
  • Available for all manual and ring frames of LMW, KTTM, Rieter, Zinser, Marzoli, Suessan, Toyado /Howa, Chinese etc.
  • Made of different types of imported plastic raw material. depending on the technical-technological requirement (PP, ABS, PC, GF PC for high impact strength, STEAM PROOF POLYMERS, etc.)
  • Surface design for various types of yarn production (e.g. Spiral Groove, micro groove, Orange Peel Finish, Knurling, etc.)
  • Steaming and non-steaming version tubes.
  • Highest accuracy of concentricity (ie. below 0.2 mm) for spindle revolutions upto 25,000 rpm.
  • Large variety of colours (incl. flourescent colours) and DOUBLE COLOUR TUBES.

Benefits of the spinners :

  • Good concentricity values within the tolerance means constant thread tension - > less yearn breakages - > rarest,stoppages.
  • Optimum pressing-on force performance for highest doffing reliability in the long-term use.
  • Lower CV%, Low power consumption, Less number of doffing labour.
  • Less number of end brakes also result in less idle time and start-up time hence resulting in high productivity.