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Flyer Bobbins

  • Flyer Bobbins
  • Flyer Bobbins
  • Flyer Bobbins
  • Flyer Bobbins

Features :

  • Development to the machine manufacturers' specifications and to the requirement of application.
  • Within DIN ISO 368 Standards.
  • Available in various lengths from 12" lift to 16" lift (340mm to 450 mm) for frames of LMW, KTTM, Rieter, Zinser, Marzoli, Suessan, Toyado / Howa,Chinese etc.
  • Made of superior grades of polymer for speed beyond 1400 rpm (ABS, PP) Highest accuracy of concentricity (ie. means lesser no. of end breaks, lower stretch %, low CV%, etc.)
  • Available with or without startup band (for Roving catch).

With polyacetal self-lubricating polymer bush at the Top and Feed bush at the bottom for wear resistance and extended serving life.