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Dye Tubes / Dye Cones Perforated

  • Dye Tubes
  • Dye Tubes
  • Dye Tubes
  • Dye Tubes

Features of Dye tubes / Dye Cones:

  • Available perforated dye tubes and cones with cone angles - 3° 30, 4° 20 , 5°57.
  • Produced from best Engineering polymers for sturdiness and stability.
  • Suitable for single use and multiple use, with required fitting specifications.
  • Suitable for various water hardness conditions and steam settings to with stand temperature up to 130° C.
  • Minimised eccentricity and Quality within DIN ISO standards.
  • Perforated dye tubes and dye cones (compressible and non compressible) available for all range of Machines in Special Polymers suitable for conditioning, dying and steaming.