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PVC Strip Curtains

Dimensions in mm
Normal Grade
200 x 2 mm doors under 2 meters height
200 x 3 mm 2/4 meters high doors
300 x 3 mm doors over 4 meters height
200 x 5 mm high air-pressure areas
300 x 3 mm doors over 3-5 meter high
Super Cold Store Grade
200 x 2 mm Can withstand temperatures upto -40O C
Ice-cream Freezers and Hotel Cold Rooms
200 x 3 mm class="des"bigger doors
200 x 2 mm Buffer Grade
Welding Grade
300 x 2 mm cover Welding areas
Buffer Strips
300 x 2 mm cover Welding areas
300 x 3 mm High abrasion
200 x 2 mm Small doors
White Plaast insulating Doors comprise of a unique U.V. resistant grade of clear soft PVC in Strip form and powder coated CRCA / Stainless steel hardware.White Plaast doors are made of high quality, low toxic, cadmium free PVC. The recommended operating temperature is -5OC to +60OC.
Speciality Grades suitable for Cold Store / Freezer applications are available and can withstand temperature upto -40OC.
The concept is simple but highly effective. Strips are hung with a 50% overlap in small interior apertures or factory partitioning 100% apertures are used for exterior applications.
Brilliant transparency does not interfere with natural light.
White Plaast PVC strips has an oxygen index 23 - 24%. Hence flame retardant. The fact "normal" atmosphere will contain approximately 21% oxygen means that strips can be Self Extinguishing.
A special Welding Curtain is also available. These grades are generally coloured green with reduction in harmful UV light of 99%.
Buffer Strips with a number of ridges absorb the initial impact of abrasive vehicle components. These ridges Protect the surface area and ensure long term visibility.

Features and Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains :

  • Unlimited access by vehicles and Pedestrians.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Increased Efficiency on the shop floor.
  • Rounded edges to avoid injury to Pedestriansv.
  • Effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity loss, noise and dust transmission.
  • Improved working environment.
  • Prevents birds, flies, dust, fumes etc. from entering the working area.
  • Maintenance free requiring an occasional wash with plain water and / or colins.

Industries We Serve :

  • Automobile Industry.
  • Textile Industry.
  • Food / Meat Processing Industry.
  • Cold Storages, Ice-Cream Units.
  • Hotel Industry.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Engineering Industry.